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Lantus: A Game-Changer

Prior to the 1920s, a diagnosis of diabetes was generally met with death within 2 years of the diagnosis. There was no medical cure at the time for diabetes, so the prognosis of one that was afflicted with the disease was grim. McLeod, Banting, Best, and Collip were the first group of scientists to isolate insulin and treat diabetes with the isolated hormone. Lantus, also known by Insulin Glargine, is a godsend for people that are suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Instead of multiple injections, Lantus is a once-daily medication that keeps blood levels stable for about 24 hours. Gone is the time of frequent, multiple injections. Always contact your doctor before making the switch to Lantus.

What is Lantus?

Lantus is a man-made form of a hormone, also called insulin, that is produced by the pancreas in the human body. Insulin glargine (Lantus) is a long-acting insulin that helps patients live with diabetes. When your body stops producing insulin or does not process insulin effectively, dietary changes and exogenous insulin supplementation are necessary to help a person live with diabetes. Controlling high blood sugar is necessary to help prevent symptoms caused by diabetes, which can include blindness, nerve problems, limb loss, sexual dysfunction, kidney damage, weight gain, and other undesirable conditions.

Controlling Blood Sugar

When starting a new medication, ask your doctor for other ways to help manage your affliction. For example, take type 2

diabetes: many patients can vastly improve their symptoms by quitting smoking, exercising, and adopting a healthier diet. Insulin supplementation is necessary for type 1 diabetes, but not always necessary for type 2.

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Lantus Insulin Price

Diabetics don’t have much of a choice when it comes to taking their medication. As mentioned above, the alternative presented by the 1920s does not sound very appealing. There is no generic form available, so patients must always pay full price for Lantus, which can put a person under a large amount of financial stress. One carton of Lantus can cost upwards of $400 without insurance, which can be completely un-affordable for someone living close to the poverty line.

Lantus Coupons

The Lantus website offers a maximum benefit of $100 off for each prescription as part of a savings program they have. This can still be un-affordable for many people, as it adds up to over $3000 a year.

Prescription Assistance for Lantus Insulin

Rx Assistance Programs was founded under the belief that everyone deserves access to affordable prescription medication. We specialize in Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) that help provide free or discounted prescription to people that fall into these categories:

  • Low-to-moderate income
  • Uninsured patients
  • Under-insured patients

Eligibility varies from program to program, which can make these programs difficult and confusing to navigate. This is where we come in. We help get you the medications you need, at a price that is affordable. We help facilitate the process of approval by a PAP and guide you through every step of the process. We handle all the paperwork that you and your doctor’s office would generally be responsible for and make sure that your refills are always delivered on time (right to your doorstep!). If you are interested in learning more about our patient assistance programs for Lantus or another medication, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!