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Proventil HFA FAQ

Proventil HFA (also known as albuterol and salbutamol) helps prevent shortness of breath and wheezing due to chronic respiratory problems. These problems can range from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), to asthma, to other breathing problems. This is a quick-relief medication and belongs to a drug class called bronchodilators. By relaxing muscles and re-opening breathing passages caused by asthma and COPD, Proventil can help people live a better life when dealing with chronic respiratory issues.

Cost of Proventil HFA

Proventil (Albuterol) is one of the most popular medications to help prevent and treat symptoms of bronchospasm. This type of inhaler is commonly referred to as an emergency/rescue inhaler, as it is used to treat acute asthma attacks. Many patients use this as a treatment for exercise-induced bronchospasm, so it is very popular in its use among the athlete population afflicted with asthma. The cost of the medication is around $90 with a manufacturer’s coupon. Depending on the canister you purchase, most inhalers have around 200 doses per inhaler. Proventil is the most common type of rescue inhaler and can treat flare-ups caused by environmental triggers such as pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, and pet dander or hair. Proventil relaxes the muscles in the lungs and the throat, which allows for more oxygen to enter the airways.

Be wary of over-using your Proventil inhaler. Many reports suggest that people tend to be over-reliant on rescue inhalers. This is not a suitable treatment for chronic, damaging conditions such as asthma. We recommend talking to your doctor about a leukotriene inhibitor or an inhaled corticosteroid for the long-term treatment of asthma and COPD. Rescue inhalers are nicknamed ‘rescue’ for a reason; they shouldn’t be used as the first line of treatment for a chronic condition.

Proventil HFA Prescription Assistance

If you or a loved one is struggling with the cost of Proventil HFA and need assistance, Rx Assistance Programs is here to help. We specialize in patient assistance programs and it has become our goal to provide as many Americans as possible with the option to join a PAP. These programs can provide free or discounted prescriptions to low-to-moderate income patients who are uninsured or under-insured. Sometimes, applying to these programs can become confusing and difficult, as many different programs have various stipulations and requirements for approval. We take the headache and guesswork of applying to these programs out of the equation. We handle all the paperwork for you and your doctor, do all the necessary filing, and work directly with pharmaceutical companies to see you through the entire approval process of your application. Contact us today to find out if you qualify for prescription assistance for albuterol!

Chantix: Costs, Discount Coupons and How To Save Money

Chantix is a prescription drug that helps adults quit smoking. The generic name for Chantix is Varenicline, and it can reduce cravings for nicotine after you stop smoking. As a result, Chantix is often prescribed to those willing to get rid of the smoking habit.

Basically, Chantix is reducing bodily cravings for nicotine while your willpower only has to break the actual habit. Hundreds of thousands of patients have managed to quit smoking, and all it cost them was a supply of Chantix.

How does Chantix work?

Once you are ready to stop smoking for good and get your supply with a Chantix coupon, you start taking Chantix. That is, start taking it while still smoking. As the medicine builds up in your system, you have your nicotine cravings reduced to a minimum. After at least 8 days of taking Chantix, you smoke your last cigarette and experience no physical withdrawal.

There are three ways to quit smoking with Chantix:

The fixed quit approach,

Take Chantix for 8 days and then stop smoking

The flexible quit approach,

Take Chantix for 8 to 35 days and pick your quitting date.

The gradual quit approach

Start taking Chantix and reduce the amount of tobacco you smoke until you quit by day 84 or earlier.

Where to buy Chantix

First of all, Chantix is a prescription drug, so in order to buy Chantix, you need to start by consulting your doctor. Once you have determined that Chantix is right for you, research Chantix cost and look for best places to get your Chantix supply.

How much does Chantix cost?

If you look at some of the online pharmacies selling Chantix, you will find prices around $2-2.5 per pill. One-time supply of Chantix would consist of 20 to 80 tablets depending on the quitting plan you select.

If you manage to find a coupon for Chantix, then the drug becomes really affordable. There are printable coupon codes that are accepted by the pharmacies in the US, so if you see one grab it.

How to save on Chantix

There are many ways to save on Chantix. Some of the most popular are:

  • Finding an insurance plan that covers Chantix for a low or $0 co-pay
  • Getting the Chantix savings card from the official website – savings up to $75
  • Getting the generic Chantix substitute (Varenicline) online
  • Finding Chantix coupons online and printing them out to be eligible for discounts. Chantix coupons work in most US Pharmacies.

Where to get Chantix coupons

There are many discount services partnered with local pharmacies, and they all offer Chantix coupons online. While searching for a coupon make sure that you check what pharmacies the coupon is valid in. A pharmacy near you could be partnering with certain websites and not the others. Same way network pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, Rite Aid, Target, Kmart or Kroger can be offering Chantix coupons online at various websites.


Get The Best 2019 Chantix Coupons

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